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Build a Successful Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analysis

Leverage our supply chain consultants’ analysis into best practices that set the stage for a successful supply chain.

Network Supply Chain Set Up

Tap into our network of suppliers, carriers, customs, and partners to cultivate a supply chain that operates smoothly from end to end.

Navigate the Complex Necessities

Compliance Setup

Create a compliance program tailored to your company’s needs with our guidance, so you can manage your supply chain worry free. The best part? It’s free of charge.

Duty Drawback

Shine light on the refunds that your company may be eligible for with our free assessment -- up to $2.4 billion in potential drawback refunds go unclaimed each year.

Optimize for the Future

Route and Mode Optimization

Set the customized routes and modes that work best for you — our platform is built to suggest modes tailored directly to your supply chain.

Contract Negotiation

Secure the contracts your supply chain needs to excel, with help from our pricing experts. Leverage your historical data with our forecasting tools to target the best spacing, pricing, and lanes.

Centralize Your Shipping

Systems Integrations

Streamline your supply chain by connecting to other systems you know and love. The Shippabo platform is built for integrations so you can connect to whatever you need, from warehouse management to purchase order management and accounting software.